9th & 10th (Horse) Calvary Association - San Diego Chapter Buffalo Soldiers

The San Diego Chapter of Buffalo Soldiers is organized to operate as an affiliate of the National office of the Ninth and Tenth (Horse) Cavalry Association. The organization is nonprofit, nonpolitical, nonpartisan, and nonsectarian. Persons who reside in the state of California and who meet the criteria for membership, as established by the Ninth and Tenth (Horse) Cavalry Association are eligible for membership in the San Diego chapter. Honorary membership in the chapter may be conferred upon individuals in recognition of meritorious service to the chapter. The San Diego Buffalo Soldiers Mission is to provide a historically accurate account of the Buffalo Soldiers contribution to American history, specifically the participation of the 9th & 10th Horse Cavalry in American history. Additionally, the San Diego chapter exists to increase awareness and respect for cultural differences and to encourage and improve the quality of life for all people. We provide educational presentations to the community, schools, and other organizations to perpetuate the rich history and legacy of the Buffalo Soldiers. We strive to develop leaders who can address the humanitarian needs of our communities.

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